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Learn everything you’ve wanted to know about wine. What is a dry wine? What is a light wine? What is a heavy wine? What are sweet wines? These are just some of the common questions you might have that are unanswered.

If you were always afraid to ask them in fear of how having asked the wrong person–a wine snob–then read through the information here and learn the answer to what you’ve always wanted to know.

Just click on the topic that interests you and go from there. Don’t forget to follow the links within the article too because will define the topic in further detail. There’s a lot to learn, and honestly, it’s going to be difficult to cover everything single topic about wine. But, we try our best to make it as easy as possible for you.

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  • How Long is Wine Good for Once Opened

    You opened a bottle of wine to enjoy the evening. It was delicious. You loved it. But now, it’s going to go to waste. You can’t finish it. We’re both all too familiar with this scene, and it’s probably lead to many questions. How long is wine good for once opened? Is the entire bottle going to waste because you were unable to finish it? You can find the answers to all these questions below. How Long Will an Opened Bottle Last? Don’t worry too much if you didn’t finish that bottle of wine from last night. As much as we love it, sometimes, trying to tackle an entire bottle by yourself can be a bit of a challenge. It…

  • a couple enjoying wine and food together

    Wine and Food Pairings Guide for Beginners

    Wine and food pairings can be complicated, but for the beginners, it doesn’t have to be hard. You can break it down to the basics, and that will get you far enough. That’s what this guide and chart are here for; to show you how to break things down to the basics so you can start experimenting on your own without running into major disasters. Basic Rules for Pairing Wine with Food Let’s start off with six basic rules to keep in mind when selecting a wine, the pair with our food. Keep in mind that rules are meant to be broken. These are more like guidelines to help guide you in the general direction. Once you get the basics…

  • a glass of the many delicious dry red wines listed here

    8 Wonderful Dry Red Wines You Need To Try

    Wondering what is a dry red wine? Wondering which ones will be good? Wonder no more because I’ve got you covered. I’ll explain the basics to you, and then I’ll tell you some of the favorites that you should consider trying—because they’re darn good. What is dry red wine? A dry red wine means it has little or no residual sugar left in the wine. There is “no sweetness” because there is no sugar. However, that doesn’t mean drinking a dry wine won’t sometimes feel like it isn’t sweet. There will be some wines, where you’ll be pretty certain you’re tasting sugar. It can be a little confusing, and make you wonder if you’re drinking dry wine or not. There’s…

  • which of these sweet wines for beginners should you choose? we're here to help you decide

    Sweet Wines for Beginners

    What are some good sweet wines for beginners? This is a common question, and it’s understandable why so many who are newer to the world of wine ask this question. But why a sweet wine? I think the reason why most people ask for a sweet wine is because sweet is often associated with something that is pleasant to drink. However, when it comes to wine, sweeter doesn’t always mean its going to be more pleasant to drink. There are some wine which are not sweet at all, but are pleasantly smooth to drink. Then there are other wines that are very sweet, but don’t go down so easy. There is no single best wine and if you ask someone…

  • glasses of some of the sweet white wine types

    7 Sweet White Wine Types You Shouldn’t Ignore

    Of all the sweet white wine types, what are the best tasting wines? The truthful answer to that question depends on the person. It all comes down to personal taste preference because everyone likes different things. For you to truly find the answer to that question, you’ll need to explore and actually try tasting the many different options to find out which one you like best. To help you find your answer, I’ve selected 7 good wines to start. Give them a try and see which one you like best, then go on from there. Sweet Wine Types Let’s quickly talk about the different types of sweet white wines. The sweetness will vary from wine to wine. However, sweet wines…